Passion Collection

Arabic Tattoo

2.500 KD 


1- I wasn't the kind love finds before, but you changed it all.

2- Let me bask in the nearness of you.

3- All the pretty things could not come close to the beauty of your soul.

4- Forever a slave to a love story so precious.

5- Your eyes hold me in their magic.

6- How sweet are coincidences when they come swiftly.

7- My fate has been sealed for I am and my cup of coffee are prisoners of love.


1. Unique Designs ✅
2. Safe for Kids ✅
3. FDA Approved ✅
4. CPSC & CPSIA Approved ✅
5. Non-Toxic ✅
6. Hypoallergenic ✅
7. Best Quality ✅ 

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