1. Why does TalzCorner collect my personal information?
  • To complete your purchase transactions
  • To provide the services you request
  • To send you offerings by mail or e-mail
  • To assist with your product and service preferences, that way we can notify you of new or additional products, services, and promthat might be of interest to you
  • To notify or provide you with other information concerning products you have purchased
  • To improve our merchandise selections, customer service, and overall shopping experience

      2. What payment methods does Talzcorner.com accept?

  • Only payments accepted is K-Net. 

       3. How do I know TalzCorner received my order?

  • Once we have received your order, you will receive confirmation e-mail. 

       4. Can I modify my order?

  • To add onto an order you will need to begin a new transaction. Note: original transactions cannot be modified. 

       5. Can I cancel my order?

       6. Is my package insured?

  • Packages are insured against theft and accidental damage whilst in transit to destination shipping address. Once your items have been delivered to specified address, they are no longer covered by insurance. 



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